Have Your Way

Two years ago I plunged headfirst into my first year of college. I was exhausted. I was scared. I was confused. My entire world was falling apart, yet I knew I would be okay because I knew who was in control. I had my sister take pictures of me twirling in my favorite dress. I'd... Continue Reading →

Meet Me Here

10 hours of sleep and I'm awakened by the aftershock of a storm I slept through, only the occasional raindrops dripping against my window. The migraine from the night before has passed, and soon I'm surrounded by vinyl worship music and the smell of lavender essential oil as I feel myself waking fully. With a... Continue Reading →

I’m Not in Control 

Lately I've been stuck in a web of what ifs. I've been planning my fall and winter schedule for many months, but lately I've became desperate. I need short school days only a couple days a week, but the fewer the days, the longer the hours become (funny how that works). I get it "perfect,"... Continue Reading →


I've gone into hiding, as I do most often when I feel well. But even the best hiders can't stay lost forever because even in the light, the dark truth remains. I remember with every nap, with every time I go to stand and my body doesn't cooperate. When I go to run and remember... Continue Reading →

Heart Healing

Right now I'm lying in bed, unable to sleep because my head is throbbing. I know that if I don't get enough sleep, my headache won't go away. But my headache won't let me sleep, and so I'll write instead.  Today God has shown me so much of his goodness. Through the highs and lows,... Continue Reading →

Zero to 40

A few weeks back I was at a crossroads. I had gone ahead with applying for a full time job, a job I was excited about, a job that was exactly where I needed to be career-wise. However, with all the pacing in the world, I still wasn't where I had wanted to be.  It... Continue Reading →


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